Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Obviously Lab Coats are Evil. Everyone Knows That.

This sign confuses me.

1) It was posted outside the conference room where I have my tutorials, where no one should ever really feel the need to wear a lab coat in the first place. In fact, I'm pretty sure there aren't any laboratories in the whole building, but apparently enough people have been walking around in them to warrant this sign.

2) What the hell is so offensive about lab coats?? I think there's a crazy mathematician here who's so fucking sick of real scientists and their useful and applicable to real life discoveries that he decided to ban the source of their power. Like, try to cure cancer NOW, bitches. That's right. Not feeling so hot without your precious lab coat, are you? ARE YOU? And then he goes off and constructs an elaborate proof that no one cares about. God I miss maths.

The worst part is I'm the only one who found this sign even mildly amusing. I pointed it out to my friends and they were like: I guess we better not wear lab coats then and I'm like: am I the only one finding this weird? THIS IS FUCKING WEIRD! and they're all you're kinda weird and then I go off into a corner and cry. But first take a picture so that I can at least find validation on the internet. On a blog that no one reads. Right.

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